our missionTo spread God’s message of Living Hope for our finances, health and career. We always have hope with God.

our visionWhen we follow God’s principles, we can experience life to the fullest. It is our vision to teach His message in the areas of finance, health and career. His message has the power to change us to happy, healthy, prosperous and successful individuals.We collaborate with churches, schools, Christian institutions and businesses to teach these principles and messages. We offer unique teaching materials specifically developed for our partners in the local market.

Life in a fast-paced commercial city like Hong Kong is not always easy. We face numerous challenges. Many Hong Kong people feel uncertain about their future, especially their financial future. Young people are seriously wondering if they can succeed in life. A simple task elsewhere, like buying a home, seems so difficult in Hong Kong. Many have lost hope. Some are unsatisfied and unhappy.

God is the answer. Because He loves us, He wants to see us do well. He turns our feeling of discontent into a state of being content with our life. He takes uncertainty and shows how we can have success. He communicated His plan to us more than 3,000 years ago and it is still valid today, more than ever. His plan is for everyone. He leaves no one behind when we learn to follow His plan and His ways.

Our passion is to teach God’s financial, health and career principles to the people of Hong Kong in a practical way. We want to see a harmonious and just society where people can reach their full potential, independent of their background, gender, race, age, status or nationality. That is why we founded the Living Hope Ministry.

The message we spread comes from God, and it can change your life. Sit back, relax and learn. We urge you to apply this message to your life and experience the joy.


Olli worked for 26 years at international companies in Germany, the United States and Hong Kong, lastly as a Senior Vice President. He retired early at age 54 to follow God’s calling into ministry to help people in Hong Kong live a more meaningful life and reach their full God-given potential. He believes that perseverance, focus and hope together allow us to reach that potential. He is a native of Finland and speaks Finnish, German and English.

Agnes has worked for over 17 years in the Financial Industry in Hong Kong and worked in Advertising and Marketing field. She served in numerous Christian ministries as Event organizer and speaker, personal coach and mentor to younger generation. Her passion is to help others succeed in life through counseling and teaching. She believes that when God takes center-stage in our lives, we will have the best outcome. She is a native of China (Hong Kong) and speaks Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien and English.